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Technological progress feeds itself. Think about it; It took years to go from car to car, but only a few decades to go from car to space. This exponential growth meant that no aspect of our life was left out of technology. And so is the case with education. Today, the advent of online education has made all information available with one click.

What started as a handful of institutes or classes uploading some of their study or test materials to the web has now culminated in websites offering a plethora of courses covering almost every topic under the sun. However, it is unfortunate that many are unaware of the potential of online education and dismiss it as another of those technological inventions that provided the initial spark, but not the latest “explosion”. It’s really like this? Let’s dive a little deeper into online education.

Looking at the current scenario, whatever the trend is, it will change. The most important part is that schools will need to have an idea to provide quality education and student safety.

The structure of an online lesson, or even the partially online ground lessons is very different from a traditional lesson. The graph shows that the percentage increased from about 10% in 2002 to about 31% in 2010. Part of this increase is due to people enrolling in universities that specialize in online learning, such as the University of Phoenix or the DeVry Institute, but more traditional Universities and state institutions also enter the space. These more traditional schools benefit from having students already enrolled and a physical location already established.

Online schools are more convenient for employees and there aren’t that many barriers to entry, so they won’t disappear anytime soon, but the incorporation of traditional universities into online education has put more specialized ones under pressure. schools, which has had some strange consequences. Many of the online universities have physical locations scattered across cities and towns so that there is nowhere to take exams or give classes that are part of a curriculum but cannot be taught that easily online.

Mother tongue as a means of education

The NEP focuses on students’ mother tongue as a means of teaching, while adhering to the “formula of the three languages”, but also requires that no language be imposed on anyone. 

“Whenever possible, the means of teaching at least up to the fifth grade, but preferably from the eighth grade onwards, will be the mother tongue, mother tongue, the local language, or regional language. Thereafter, the native or local language will continue to be taught as a language whenever possible.

The FYUP program returns and no more quits

According to the NEP, the bachelor’s degree will last 3 or 4 years with multiple exit options within this period.

The government will also establish an academic credit bank to digitally store academic credits obtained from different higher education institutions so that they can be transferred and counted towards the final degree awarded.

Access to data helps improve educational content, student experience, and assessments:

 By having access to real-time student data in large volumes, we can not only improve educational content to aid better learning but also enhance the student experience to win and keep student interest if there is none and improve the diagnosis of the general problem. 

The universities held their opening ceremonies via videoconference so that students could stay anywhere in the world.

They have opened the library facilities to allow connection with teachers and professors through the Internet.

Today, online education is a lifesaver for us all.

Advantages of online training:

  • These classes allow you the flexibility of being able to take these classes at your convenience.
  • You can avoid travel inconveniences such as bad weather, traffic jams, etc.
  • These are convenient as you don’t need time or travel costs.

             You can learn at your own pace.

Everyone has their own opinion on which is best, but I’ll look at some pros and cons of learning online.

2020 was the most pivotal year for online education companies around the world. During the pandemic, when the entire education system was positively affected, attendance of face-to-face lectures in the classroom appeared to be a threat to the safety of students. When the quality of the educational institution started to decline, just then, some online educational technology companies came to the rescue.


Convenience: Whether you are walking, driving, or taking public transport, it takes time, energy, and money to get from one place to another. By taking our lessons online, we connect from home and do not have to waste time on the “roads”. 

Relaxing Atmosphere: What’s better than attending a morning class in your pajamas, from the comfort of your bed? Waking up early in the morning can be a struggle for many night owls, and getting ready for the morning sounds even worse. Through online learning, we can curl up in our beds with a hot drink as we start the day with a lesson. Also, if you are a shy and introverted person who gets stressed out in the presence of many people, online classes may seem better for you as they save you a lot of additional stress.

This helps ensure that students of all learning styles absorb the material in the way that is easiest for them.

 Experience of the study:

 Animation can develop your 3D imagination very easily. This will enrich your educational experience, and entice you in the intricate details of the subject rather than give you rude facts and superficial knowledge for your future.

And online learning is better than offline learning or traditional learning. Online learning improves the students’ skills and knowledge about the upcoming world. That will help them overcome any situation beyond the online. It improves their skills and very much in their life. Online learning is more efficient in the current situation. So, online learning is very efficient for your upcoming future, and also the knowledge.

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